19 October 2010

A Slack-tastic Week!

After taking the weekend off to rest my legs and catch up on football season, I spent Monday and Tuesday of this week slack-packing around Greensboro. My Granny was kind enough to drop me off and pick me up from my hikes. I walked from Stokesdale to Lake Brandt Marina through Summerfield and Bur-Mill Park in Greensboro on Monday. It was 17.5 miles, and I finished by 3:00 pm.

Today, I started from the eastern side of Guilford County, at the intersection of Hicone Road and Huffine Mill Road. I slack-packed 20 miles westbound back to Lake Brandt Marina through Bryan Park and around Lake Townsend. It felt just a bit odd to be hiking the opposite direction from the past month. On the Appalachian Trail I hiked northbound (NoBo) the entire way except for a 23 mile southbound (SoBo) slack-pack over Mount Greylock in Massachusetts.

On the MST, I'm hiking eastbound (EaBo), but today I slack-packed westbound (WeBo). I spent much of the day thinking about these funny sounding names, and whether they would ever catch on like NoBo and SoBo have on the AT, PCT and CDT (which are all trails that run north and south).

I've enjoyed spending time at home with my family, and I plan to take one more zero day before hiking on from Hicone Road. I want to do early voting while I'm in town, since I'll still be on the trail on election day. I will also resupply, and make sure that my car still runs, and that I still know how to drive!

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