03 November 2010

Deep Thoughts from the Mountains to Sea Trail

Well, I have 200 miles left to go from here in Cove City. It's been a rainy day, and it looks like more rain is on the way tonight and through tomorrow. Yuck!

But here are some Deep Thoughts I've had while hiking over 750 miles to this point:
(note: some of these may be repeats from the Appalachian Trail)

1. The slower you go, the more you'll see, and the more you'll learn.

2. It's better to ask for forgiveness than permission.

3. The rain always stops eventually.

4. Find the beauty in ordinary, everday things and you'll see extraordinary things.

5. The good die young, and the bitter live forever. Is this because the "good" embrace life, and make their own happiness? And the "bitter" keep searching for happiness, but don't realize they have to make their own rather than hope it finds them?


  1. You go Wolfpack! I am proud of you for being so disciplined and determined on your MST hike. You are representing the Appalachian Trail thru-hikers of 2009 well on your new adventure. --Braid, AT 09